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-The Classic Bug Parts Team

Joseph Wheeler: "Like nothing else..."

“In preparing my buggy for the Norra 1000 race in April 2018, I am going over every nut, bolt, and part looking for something worn or weak. I have put 50,000 miles on the buggy since building it and have found a LOT of worn parts that will be replaced.

One part I was anxious to see was the Classic Bug Parts “Big Boy Clutch Pedal Shaft” set up, with the revised clutch cable attachment…

ClassicBugParts are awesome! No wear to the clutch cable and only two very small indents on the brass bushing that provides the “bearing” surface. This will get cleaned, greased and put back into service for the race.

As a side note, I run a Kennedy Stage I pressure Plate, so some extra force has been applied to the Classic Bug Parts equipment over the 50,000 miles.

Classic Bug Parts has the PUZZLE MANX stamp of approval.”

Joseph Wheeler

“I LOVE CLASSIC BUG PARTS PRODUCTS! They are some of the best that I’ve put on my buggy. The action of the Big Boy Pedal Extender, along with the X-Celerator Speed Wheel Kit, is MUCH smoother than the stock assembly, and both are very easy to install.

One of the nicest parts of the unique clutch shaft (on the Big Boy Pedal Extender) is that the cable is fastened with stud and bushing. This makes for a noticeably smoother clutch action.

The service is always great whenever I call.”

Kevin Knight
Burbank, CA
bob blackwell california dreamin

“I would like to take a quick minute to write about a few amazing components which I use on every VW that enters my shop. Ever go down the freeway in your bug in the fast lane or the slow lane? Suddenly, “Boom” your gas pedal goes to the floor and you lose all power, and you say to yourself… “That darn throttle cable fell out again!” Maybe the vise grips holding it all together fell off as well!

If you use this upgrade, it won’t happen again. These products are made with quality materials, and are very reasonably priced. I highly recommend the X-Celerator Pedal and the Clutch Pedal Shaft Upgrade Kit for your Bug! Every time I install these parts in a customer’s car, I always hear back, “Wow, the pedals work so nice.”” – Bob Blackwell

“A few years ago I purchased a Clutch Pedal Shaft Upgrade Kit from Classic Bug Parts for my 1972 VW Karmann Ghia. (I actually ordered three, as I also own a Super Beetle and a Thing). As I restored my Karmann Ghia, I installed the clutch upgrade kit with peace of mind, especially after seeing that the original clutch hook was close to failure. Installation was straight-forward, and it was easier to re-install the pedal assembly with the cable attached to the new bearing part. While driving, there is no discernible difference in the feel of the the clutch pedal. I couldn’t be happier with my new Clutch Pedal Shaft Upgrade from Classic Bug Parts. I’m looking forward to installing them into my two other VWs when I get a chance.” – Steve Dommer

While reviewing his projects with us, Scott mentioned that he doesn’t give his clients a choice—he installs Classic Bug Parts products in all his cars! (click image to read more)

“I have been lovingly and methodically bringing my Ghia back for the last 10 years, from nose to tail. The best, absolutely the best upgrade I have made was installing the Classic Bug Parts pedal kit. This is simply amazing, what a difference it has made in the driver feel and experience. The clutch pedal shaft upgrade and X-Celerator Speed Wheel Kit are worth every penny.

“Frau Blucher” drives like a brand new car! The pedal action is smooth as silk, responsive like never before, and I can actually accelerate uphill in 4th gear. Incredible design, top quality tooling. I am telling all my air-cooled VW aficionados about this one. Get it for yourself. No regrets.” – Pat Clarke [/caption]

“OK here is my testimony: Let me first start off by saying I’m not one to write reviews but I feel this one is necessary for all the VW enthusiasts out there. I have a 1967 full custom Cal look VW which I’ve spent countless hours on to make it reliable and comfortable to drive. The products that Classic Bug parts sells, such as the Big Boy Pedal Extender, have helped tremendously with my comfort in the drivers seat! Along with comfort, I want reliability and the Clutch Pedal Shaft upgrade did this… I never have to worry about my clutch pedal hook snapping on me ever again! Piece of mind when driving a Classic VW is important. Soon to be installed will be the Pistol Wheel for my accelerator. I’m certain this will meet all expectations, as my previous two purchases from Classic Bug parts have. Thanks for the awesome products for the VW community! Keep up the great work guys! I absolutely love the parts I’ve installed thus far… Soooooo much better than stock!!” – John Mofidi

“I have been using a Classic Bug Parts clutch arm for many years in my Unlimited Street West car. I have had many aggressive clutches and the Classic Bug Parts clutch arm has withstood the abuse flawlessly.

It provides smooth engagement and makes installation of the clutch cable a breeze. We use these arms in many of our customers’ cars as well. Highly recommended.” – Andy Fabbro

The Classic Bug Parts Team says Thank you, Andy! Your time and comments are truly appreciated.

Live life in your own lane!

“I drive my 1972 Meyer’s Tow’d all over town and have started to venture out a little bit farther lately. Last year we decided to drive from SoCal to St.Louis, so I wanted to upgrade a few things. We ordered the CLUTCH SHAFT and X-CELERATOR SPEED WHEEL from ClassicBugParts. I was a little nervous about driving “Lily” that far, but everything worked AWESOME! The pedal assembly from ClassicBugParts was one less thing I had to worry about. Thanks again.” – Lori Ann Dario

“In 2014 I commissioned the full restoration of our 1968 Meyers Manx dune buggy. I had always fought with the stock accelerator pedal setup, in that it would never work smoothly or give me full throttle travel, and would occasionally bind up. During the restoration I happened on an ad for the X-Celerator Speed Wheel upgrade kit from Classic Bug Parts and thought their design might solve my problems with the stock setup. After I installed the pedal upgrade I was completely blown away by how well it worked, and it truly fixed all of my issues.

As a completely satisfied customer, I have purchased two more X-Celerator Speed Wheel upgrade kits and have installed them in my 1973 and 1974 VW Things. This pedal kit is one of the best upgrades I’ve ever purchased.” – Bud Zeller

After an extensive restoration and many smiles later, he will also use these parts on his next Manx restoration…

“In 2014 I commissioned an extensive restoration of our 1970 Meyers Manx dune buggy. I have had a number of VWs in the past and have often had issues with pedal assemblies. I had seen the ads for the X-Celerator Speed Wheel and Big Boy Clutch Pedal Shaft Kits (I love to wear my Croc’s when driving). I asked the builder (that uses them on all of his builds), and he convinced me that it was definitely worth it. After 2 years of use and many smiles later, I know he was absolutely correct, and I will be using both again on the Manx Resorter restoration that is currently in progress! You have my permission to use for any ads you’d like. Great products deserve it!”
– Brian Giles in Kingsland, GA
Bruce Bewarder, dubbed "our German Mr. Miyagi"

Bruce Bewarder, dubbed “our German Mr. Miyagi”

“About 5 or 6 years ago, as I was getting my baby back in top running order, my buddy Larry walked over to the Classic Bug Parts booth at Rich Kimball’s Drag Day. “You really want to do something good for your bug? Buy one of Ron’s pedal assemblies!” So, after a brief conversation to make sure it would fit into my ’58, I bought the whole kit! New X-Celerator Pedal assembly and the “Big Boy” Clutch Pedal Extender, the whole nine yards!

Well, Larry and I got it all installed. Let me say right now, I’ve put a lot of miles on my little “Betta than Eva” ’58 bug, and every mile has been a pleasure with these pedals! Until you feel the difference, its really hard to explain, but the pedal became smooth. It reacted to my foot, and with the wider “Big Boy” Clutch Pedal kit I can now get my big fat feet to sit comfortably on both the clutch and brake when I get caught in bumper to bumper traffic. Even better than all that, in the past 5-6 years I haven’t lost a single cable on my ride! Now if you’re a daily driver like me, you can expect to lose a clutch cable from time to time. I mean, we all know they wear out! Well, the way the Classic Bug Parts assembly works, it puts far less tension on the cable, and the eyelet doesn’t ride back and forth in the old “hook” on your standard pedal.

I took ol’ Eva in to my local VW mechanic Bela (who is pretty famous in the little town of Burbank) for something unrelated, and a few days later when I picked her up, Bela pulled me aside and said “Hey! Where’d you get that pedal? That’s the best thing I’ve ever seen!” Now for a guy who has been building VW’s since the 1960’s and who is dead set on keeping everything “original”, that is one Hell of a compliment!

So let me close by saying this, The Rusty VW.com travels to a lot of VW shows all over the American Southwest and points beyond.
In all of our bugs and buses you’ll find Classic Bug Parts pedal assemblies, because when you’re putting on the big miles, you need to know that you have something that works. This assembly does the job. I’m waiting anxiously for the brand new Bay Window Assembly that has been in the works for some time…because I’m tired of the door hinge holding mine together!

Buy a product that you’ll love from the minute you try it, and that will last as long as your love affair with your ride! Classic Bug Parts Pedals! The BEST!

See you down the road,

The Artist behind
The Rusty VW.com”

(Thank you, Stovepipe!)

“After racing and breaking the clutch hook many times, we replaced it with the pedal hook cross-shaft for the clutch cable from Classic Bug Parts. Since we have replaced it I have never had a problem. Pushing in on the clutch is very clean and smooth.

Now I have peace of mind going down the track at high speeds knowing my clutch will hold up and not break on me.” – Cindi Crocker

No more problems with his clutch and accelerator cable connections…

“I had been having problems with the throttle pedal in my 1972 CLASS11x Bug since I built it over the last 6 years! The clip on the little wheel kept falling off, and then… NO throttle… SO… when I saw your X-CELERATER SPEED WHEEL 2… I knew this was the solution to my problem!!

Well… I figured that as long as the pedal cluster had to be R&R’ed anyway… I will just install the CLUTCH PEDAL SHAFT UPGRADE, as I was tired of trying to hold cable in the “hook” with everything from “bag-ties” to “zip-ties”! ALL went together well, and have performed flawlessly since the install. When I have the time ( to stop driving ) I plan on doing the exact same procedure on my “OldManx” as well. Your products design & quality get an A+ rating from this 45+ year (retired now) wrench & VW lover.”
Andy Burger with the Manx Club...

“The shaft upgrade has been likely the reason why I’ve not experienced clutch cable issues at all. With a simple wing nut adjuster added, it’s has been a rock solid setup – 20,000 miles since 2014.” – Andy Burger

One of our received calls today, a call truly enjoyed, was from a recent client named Steve from California’s San Fernando Valley. He later sent us a friendly email and added:

“I want to say thank you to ClassicBugParts.com for an amazing improvement on the clutch shaft. I have never felt peace of mind driving my 1959 VW bug. I’m so pleased with their products that I’m replacing my whole clutch [and accelerator assembly] with their gas pedal assembly called “X-Celerator Speed Wheel” which has a spring on the gas pedal. I’m also moving up from their standard pedal upgrade to the new and improved Roller Pedal called the “Pistol Wheel”. Das Infamous VWCC members are excited about their products and now every member wants one and thinks it’s a reliable, dependable assembly. Once again, thank you!”

Esteban Villareal
AKA Steve
Das Infamous VWCC

Thanks for the kind words, Steve!

Joseph Wheeler – From the Atlantic to the Pacific – 3 times!



“A few years ago I bought a hook-style after-market one from a local VW vendor here in town. This new hook-style one had the hole for the clutch pin in the wrong place; so when I got it all together, the clutch shaft was pinched and wouldn’t rotate. The vendor told me to file down the end of the pedal assembly, I said no thanks and called Ron from Classicbugparts and told him my story. Ron assured me that his clutch-pedal shaft would fit perfectly and he was correct. The machining of his shaft was absolutely perfect, so naturally it fit my pedal cluster exactly as it should have.

Installing the new clutch cable was also far easier, because the cable eye cannot come loose from the bearing (it’s held on by a self-locking nut) while working on the transmission end of the cable. The machining was perfect! Call me picky, but I like parts that fit without having to file, sand, whatever. Ron provided that!”
– Tim Donahoe