The Machining Was Perfect!


A few years ago I bought a hook-style after-market one from a local VW vendor here in town. This new hook-style one had the hole for the clutch pin in the wrong place; so when I got it all together, the clutch shaft was pinched and wouldn’t rotate. The vendor told me to file down the end of the pedal assembly, I said no thanks and called Ron from Classic Bug Parts and told him my story. Ron assured me that his clutch-pedal shaft would fit perfectly and he was correct. The machining of his shaft was absolutely perfect, so naturally it fit my pedal cluster exactly as it should have.

Installing the new clutch cable was also far easier, because the cable eye cannot come loose from the bearing (it’s held on by a self-locking nut) while working on the transmission end of the cable. The machining was perfect! Call me picky, but I like parts that fit without having to file, sand, whatever. Ron provided that!
Tim Donahoe