Stovepipe and Eva Love These Pedals


“Greatest Pedal Assembly EVER!”

About 5 or 6 years ago, as I was getting my baby back in top running order, my buddy Larry walked over to the Classic Bug Parts booth at Rich Kimball’s Drag Day. “You really want to do something good for your bug? Buy one of Ron’s pedal assemblies!” So, after a brief conversation to make sure it would fit into my ’58, I bought the whole kit! New X-Celerator Pedal assembly and the “Big Boy” Clutch Pedal Extender, the whole nine yards!

Well, Larry and I got it all installed. Let me say right now, I’ve put a lot of miles on my little “Betta than Eva” ’58 bug, and every mile has been a pleasure with these pedals! Until you feel the difference, its really hard to explain, but the pedal became smooth. It reacted to my foot, and with the wider “Big Boy” Clutch Pedal kit I can now get my big fat feet to sit comfortably on both the clutch and brake when I get caught in bumper to bumper traffic. Even better than all that, in the past 5-6 years I haven’t lost a single cable on my ride! Now if you’re a daily driver like me, you can expect to lose a clutch cable from time to time. I mean, we all know they wear out! Well, the way the Classic Bug Parts assembly works, it puts far less tension on the cable, and the eyelet doesn’t ride back and forth in the old “hook” on your standard pedal.

I took ol’ Eva in to my local VW mechanic Bela (who is pretty famous in the little town of Burbank) for something unrelated, and a few days later when I picked her up, Bela pulled me aside and said “Hey! Where’d you get that pedal? That’s the best thing I’ve ever seen!” Now for a guy who has been building VW’s since the 1960’s and who is dead set on keeping everything “original”, that is one Hell of a compliment!

So let me close by saying this, The Rusty travels to a lot of VW shows all over the American Southwest and points beyond.
In all of our bugs and buses you’ll find Classic Bug Parts pedal assemblies, because when you’re putting on the big miles, you need to know that you have something that works.
This assembly does the job. I’m waiting anxiously for the brand new Bay Window Assembly that has been in the works for some time…because I’m tired of the door hinge holding mine together!

Buy a product that you’ll love from the minute you try it, and that will last as long as your love affair with your ride! Classic Bug Parts Pedals! The BEST!

See you down the road,

The Artist behind
The Rusty

(Thank you, Stovepipe!)


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