X-Celerator Kit 3 for ’52-’57 “Ovals”

The X-Celerator Kit 3 – for ’52-’57 “Ovals”
(fits German pedal assemblies, LHD)
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X-Celerator Kit 3 for ’52-’57 “Ovals”

The X-Celerator Speed Wheel Kit #3 for ’52-’57 Ovals is a massive improvement over the stock design. To begin, the original accelerator control arm was made out of 1/8 inch sheet metal which often bends out of shape over time. Also, the old accelerator wheel is made out of a bakelite material which is brittle and prone to break into pieces, and it can also wobble off the attachment pin on the control arm. You are likely aware of these shortcomings in the old “Oval” accelerator design…

The newly designed accelerator arm is laser cut and then stamped (press braked) into shape out of thicker 3/16 inch 1018 steel. The improved arm closely resembles the original accelerator control arm, but is far stronger.

The “wheel” is made from aircraft-grade resin called Delrin and it is CNC machined to look just like the original wheel which came with your car, but now with better performance (think high strength and wear resistance over a wide temperature range). The wheel is held in place on the control arm with a far stronger chromoly shoulder bolt and then secured with a washer and nylon nut.

First, your Oval X-Celerator will look just like the original
Second, you will get smoother and far more dependable acceleration from the added strength and stability of the design
Third – you will get a lifetime of enjoyment stomping on the throttle

You can adjust the front and rear stop tabs on the Speed Wheel lever for dual carburetors requiring more travel.

The “Oval” X-Celerator Kit 3 includes:
– a CNC Delrin wheel
– a 3/16″ 1018 steel laser-cut and stamped control arm
– chromoly shoulder bolt, washer and nylon lock nut
– 2 stainless steel washers
– 1 Wolfsburg accelerator pedal pin
– 1 packet of Super Lube grease
(Note: You must use your existing cluster pin.)

The X-Celerator Kit 3 – for ’52-’57 “Ovals”
(fits German pedal assemblies LHD)
$65 + $12 shipping US
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