X-Celerator PISTOL Wheel

Pistol Wheel 2 in a client's bug
Pistol Wheel 2 in a client’s bug

The X-Celerator PISTOL Wheel

fits German pedal assemblies, Left Hand Drive,  ’58-’66,
with 6061-T6 Aluminum Wheel:
$96 + $14 shipping and insurance US
$96 + $36 shipping International
(all major credit cards accepted, Paypal not required)

The unique X-Celerator Pistol Wheel is a complete accelerator upgrade kit featuring superb workmanship, providing your bug improved pedal performance and greater appeal.  This upgrade boasts the same accelerator lever design found in all our X-Celerator Kits, along with the quick and smooth action of the new machined 6061-T6 aluminum wheel.  THERE IS NO FLAT PEDAL IN THIS DESIGN.

Your foot is in direct contact with the “pistol” wheel, and you enjoy the positive difference each time you step on it…  as you will be more in touch with the throttle.

The old issue addressed by this upgrade is the wear of stock linkage components, where the retaining spring on the old Z-bar linkage often pops off.  On the stock design, the accelerator cable is not in line with the accelerator lever, so the linkage easily disconnects. This is also  why the accelerator cables often break, causing the engine to just idle…  Not something you want happening while you’re on the road!

Here’s the solution:  The twin-lever Pistol Wheel’s careful design keeps the accelerator cable inline with the accelerator tube in the tunnel.  The lever action is laser-cut, formed, and TIG-welded together (and powder-coated!), resulting in a strong and stiff accelerator.   This improved lever revolves around a longer CNC-machined and polished 303 stainless steel pivot pin, providing a more stable, effortless feel to the pedal. The rear stop tab on the new accelerator lever can also be adjusted for bigger carburetors.

pistol_wheel_aluminum_mounted1_smYour point of contact with this cool bit of engineering is the “Pistol Wheel” itself, machined from 6061-T6 aluminum.  The silky-smooth and accurate response of the Pistol Wheel will bring you an even closer bond with your bug…

There has been a very positive response to the Pistol Wheel from its release.  If you have a ’58-’66 and want a superb accelerator upgrade (and a highlight for your build)…  try it, you’ll like it.  :-]


Here is a short video introducing the new Pistol Wheel upgrade:

If you have already installed an after-market performance carburetion system on your car, please review this short YouTube video showing you how to adjust your new accelerator control arm to achieve full throttle: https://youtu.be/mvEu1TiFlok



The X-Celerator PISTOL Wheel  (Patent Pending)
fits German pedal assemblies LHD,
’58-’66, also all Type III, the Thing, and Ghias
with Aluminum Wheel:
$96 + $14 shipping and insurance US
$96 + $36 shipping International
(Note:  The delrin wheel option is sold out.)
(all major credit cards accepted, Paypal not required)

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