Thanks for the kind words, Steve!

One of our received calls today, a call truly enjoyed, was from a recent client named Steve from California’s San Fernando Valley. He later sent us a friendly email and added:

I want to say thank you to for an amazing improvement on the clutch shaft. I have never felt peace of mind driving my 1959 VW bug. I’m so pleased with their products that I’m replacing my whole clutch [and accelerator assembly] with their gas pedal assembly called X-Celerator Speed Wheel which has a spring on the gas pedal. I’m also moving up from their standard pedal upgrade to the new and improved Roller Pedal called the Pistol Wheel.  Das Infamous VWCC members are excited about their products and now every member wants one and thinks it’s a reliable, dependable assembly. Once again, thank you!

Esteban Villareal
AKA Steve
Das Infamous VWCCsteven_approved2