The Best Mod Incorporated on my Manx!

Jim Marrs

It was the best mod incorporated on my Manx! I’m getting ready to order another set for my Manx SR. The body is a 2013 Meyers Manx KickOut.

The chassis started out as a 1967 VW but was replaced with a custom IRS chassis in 2017. I have been tinkering with Volkswagens & Meyers Manx dune buggies since the mid seventies. The only drawback to my favorite hobby has been my size 13 DDD shoes. ClassicBugParts was one of the best improvements I’ve incorporated that makes the driving experience as fun as it should be. – Jim Marrs


I Will Never Run Another Type of Pedal…


Great product!  The X-Celerator Speed Wheel pedal from Classic Bug Parts is smooth during operation and so much more solid feeling than the original pedal, plus it’s made from far better material. I will never run another type of pedal on any build project that I work on.
Tyson Hall, California Connection Motorsports

Will be Standard in all of My VWs


Here is my Manx. I have your Big Boy Pedal Extender in it. This is a 2017 Manx I just built. I own many VW’s and always have had troubles with the clutch cables coming off and the pedals being too close together. When I learned about Classic Bug Parts products, I got one to see what it was about. I love it so much that I got one for two other VWs I have. Now the Big Boy Pedal Extender Clutch Shaft upgrade kits will be standard in all of my VW’s. – Tim Hillier

Couldn’t Be Happier…


“A few years ago I purchased a Clutch Pedal Shaft Upgrade Kit from Classic Bug Parts for my 1972 VW Karmann Ghia. (I actually ordered three, as I also own a Super Beetle and a Thing). As I restored my Karmann Ghia, I installed the clutch upgrade kit with peace of mind, especially after seeing that the original clutch hook was close to failure. Installation was straight-forward, and it was easier to re-install the pedal assembly with the cable attached to the new bearing part. While driving, there is no discernible difference in the feel of the the clutch pedal. I couldn’t be happier with my new Clutch Pedal Shaft Upgrade from Classic Bug Parts. I’m looking forward to installing them into my two other VWs when I get a chance.” – Steve Dommer

The Power to Accelerate


I have been lovingly and methodically bringing my Ghia back for the last 10 years, from nose to tail. The best, absolutely the best upgrade I have made was installing the Classic Bug Parts pedal kit. This is simply amazing, what a difference it has made in the driver feel and experience. The clutch pedal shaft upgrade and X-Celerator Speed Wheel Kit are worth every penny.

Frau Blucher drives like a brand new car! The pedal action is smooth as silk, responsive like never before, and I can actually accelerate uphill in 4th gear. Incredible design, top quality tooling. I am telling all my air-cooled VW aficionados about this one. Get it for yourself. No regrets. – Pat Clarke

The Ice Racer! – Mike Karlman

Mike Karlman2

Mike Karlman’s ice racer is a 56 on a 70 chassis, close ratio trans, 2020 cc dual Weber engine, bolted/studded tires. Mike approves ClassicBugParts products in his VWs.

This upcoming season Mike is building and installing a 2.6 liter type 4 engine w/ dual 48 Webers. These projects always inspire VW enthusiasts…  Thank You Mike!