About Us

ron_waving_smThe story of Classic Bug Parts began over 20 years ago in our own machine shop, as we worked to address a few of the Classic Bug issues that we all share. We thrive on the enjoyment these bugs bring us, butwhy not benefit from the greater reliabilityofmodern productionstandards?Do you still carry a spare throttlecable in your car?Then you understand…

After the successful upgrades on our own bugs started being noticed, our friends wanted us to make more for them, and things took off from there… We have always kept the same standards in production that we enjoy in our own bug.

Many clients first hear about either theimportant Clutch Pedal Shaft upgrade or X-Celerator upgrade (we ship many to both US and international addresses), but then they learn about the benefits of upgrading their entire cluster.

The many testimonialsthat we have received tell the story well. You are invitedto try these Classic Bug Parts in your Bug. They areHERE

As an overview:

The key components of a pedal cluster’s guts connect you with your car’s engine, clutch, and brake system:

1. Pedal Support Housing
2. Brake Pedal Shaft
3. Clutch Pedal Shaft and Crank Arm
4. Accelerator Assembly
5. related pedal arms, bushings, and fasteners

Our company’s purpose is to make these critical connections between you and your bug more reliable, responsive, and smooth. With Classic Bug Parts installed, expect to enjoy driving your Classic VW even more than you already do…