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Classic Bug Parts is focused on the design and fabrication of custom VW parts, specializing in Pedal Cluster upgrades.  We take factory specs and go beyond…

“OVAL” Clutch Pedal Shaft Upgrades
for ’52 – ’57

Testimonial:  The 70,000 MILE TEST

Read Joseph Weeler’s complete testimonial. “I am going over every nut, bolt, and part looking for something worn or weak. I have put over 70,000 miles on the buggy since building it and have found…”

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Enjoy the upgraded accelerator and clutch pedal action provided by our precision bug parts.  Install these upgrades to eliminate known reliability concerns and then enjoy peace of mind and the enhanced pedal action! 

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Ron’s bug is a beauty…   Please visit the testimonials page to read what clients have to say about our company and products.