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10 Year Anniversary in the VW Business

congrats to Jason Wright - 10 yr anniversary drawingI want to thank all of you in our VW family for your support of our business.  We thoroughly enjoy being a part of this global tribe of VW enthusiasts. For 10 years now, Classic Bug Parts has been working hard, creating products to solve some of our age‐old bug issues.  And it all started with a few friends asking me to build for them the same upgrades I had designed for my own bug…

We have had the pleasure to meet and talk with many of you at the Classic VW events around the country.  We love hearing the stories behind owners and their cars.  Stories about how your Classic VWs were acquired, about the breakdowns, long hours of restoration efforts, and the deep satisfaction of a completed project.  After listening carefully (and experiencing similar bug challenges), we have endeavored to design and produce VW parts here in the U.S., and only from superbly crafted components.  It is a great pleasure to hear how our products have made your cars perform better, and your feedback has provided me and my team a real sense of accomplishment.  We thank you for your wonderful testimonials about Classic Bug Parts products.

Last year, the Pistol Wheel accelerator upgrade was re‐released, after being originally designed and distributed 7 years ago. It is built on the proven X‐Celerator platform that many of you already enjoy.  Our VW friends had asked for it to return, and it has become a big hit for many enthusiasts.  Thank you!

Many have also been asking for the Oval Clutch Pedal Shaft upgrade to be brought back as well.   We originally designed and released it in 2010, but we were still small back then and it takes time for word to spread…  Times have changed, social media has been a big help, and the need is still here, so we have listened again to our fellow VW fans’ needs. We are glad to announce the Oval Clutch Pedal Shaft upgrade is back in production, and this valuable kit for ’53 to ’57 VWs will be shipping again within just a few weeks, in April, 2017.   Note that the Pistol Wheel accelerator upgrade (for Ovals as well as ’58 to ’66) is already shipping, but Oval owners may want to order and install both the accelerator and clutch pedal assemblies at the same time.

In 2013 we designed the Smart Brake, but didn’t market it extensively at that time. We have received call after call to bring it back as well.  This is in the works, with production planned for this year.   Meanwhile, our team is currently working on yet another product many of you have asked us to bring back…  Yes, the Bus V‐Hub accelerator, which was originally designed and sold in 2014.  It had sold very well, but we removed it from production because of high component costs.  We are now working on lowering the cost for you (while maintaining the excellent build quality).

Recently we took a big step and changed our name from Unique‐ to, which now ties us much more closely to our specific audience—including you.  There is certainly a great deal to look back on since we started, and we are grateful for your friendship and support over these years…   Please stay tuned for upcoming product release dates, and do feel free to call us.

Thank you again,

Ron Motrenec
Owner of

Announcing the ***NEW*** Pistol Wheel Kit!

pistol_wheel_aluminum_mounted1_featured_smAfter much discussion and feedback from clients and VW fans, we are pleased to introduce the new Pistol Wheel Kit!

The Pistol Wheel is built on the same accelerator lever design found in our X-Celerator kits, only with the quick and smooth action of the new machined wheel, available in delrin or aluminum.

THERE IS NO FLAT PEDAL HERE!  Your foot is in direct contact with the pistol wheel…

Learn more HERE.