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Scott Sebastian of Metalcraft Motorsports

sebastian_scott_2017_06Ron from Classic Bug Parts had the privilege of touring the Metalcraft Motorsports shop in Sanger, CA.  Wow, what an outstanding VW repair shop! Scott gave us the tour of his collection of VW Classics in the works…


Scott is an Advanced Engine Performance Mechanic extraordinaire. He explained that he is very particular when it comes to choosing the best after-market products.  And get this, while reviewing his projects with us, Scott mentioned that he doesn’t give his clients a choice—he installs Classic Bug Parts pedal cluster products in all his cars!

One of his outstanding current projects is a Ruby Red Karman Ghia Classic, where Scott is planning to install the Classic Bug Parts
X-Celerator Speed Wheel and Clutch Shaft upgrades. Can’t wait to see this lady in red at the upcoming car shows!

If any of you bug lovers out there need precision work on your Classic VW project, Scott Sebastian from Metalcraft Motorsports is your man! You will be amazed by his mechanical expertise and the quality of his work.  Scott doesn’t cut corners, and he uses the BEST components.

Thank you, Scott, for the awesome tour of your cool shop, and thank you for using Classic Bug Parts!

The “Good Vibrations Bug”


The man behind the amazing artwork of the world-famous “Good Vibrations Bug”, created by the visionary minds at The Rusty VW, painstakingly custom painted by “Stovepipe” Finn Pete.

Yes, the winner goes to a Hawaii Boy.  He takes this great creation away to his new home in beautiful Hawaii.  To make the prize even sweeter, Classic Bug Parts donated the smoothest, quickest accelerator in the world, the “X-Celerator Speed Wheel”, to their artwork in motion, along with the “Big Boy Pedal Extender” clutch shaft, which widens the space between your pedals.

Not only is this beauty looking coool, but it’s going to give the driver a greater sense of enjoyment each time he steps on the pedals.  Stovepipe says this is “the greatest pedal assembly ever”, and uses it in his own bug.

Bob Blackwell says it well…


I would like to take a quick minute to write about a few amazing components which I use on every VW that enters my shop.  Ever go down the freeway in your bug in the fast lane?  Or the slow lane?  Suddenly, “Boom” your gas pedal goes to the floor and you lose all power, and you say to yourself… “That darn throttle cable fell out again!  Maybe the vise grips holding it all together fell off as well!

If you use this upgrade, it won’t happen again.  These products are made with quality materials, and are very reasonably priced.  I highly recommend the X-Celerator Pedal and the Clutch Pedal Shaft Upgrade Kit for your Bug!  Every time I install these parts in a customer’s car, I always hear back, “Wow, the pedals work so nice.”

Bob Blackwell
Thousand Oaks, CA


Kevin Knight on Classic Bug Parts

I LOVE CLASSIC BUG PARTS PRODUCTS!  They are some of the best that I’ve put on my buggy.  The action of the Big Boy Pedal Extender, along with the X-Celerator Speed Wheel Kit, is MUCH smoother than the stock assembly, and both are very easy to install.

One of the nicest parts of the unique clutch shaft (on the Big Boy Pedal Extender) is that the cable is fastened with stud and bushing.  This makes for a noticeably smoother clutch action.

The service is always great whenever I call.

Kevin Knight
Burbank, CA