“OVAL” Clutch Pedal Shaft Upgrade

“OVAL” Clutch Pedal Shaft Upgrade for VWs, ’52 – ’57
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Classic Bug Parts has the proven solution to the problem with the hook-and-loop design of the old clutch pedal shaft and clutch cable on Classic Volkswagens, and it is available here for your ’52-’57 “Oval” Bugs. On the original part there is constant wear on the clutch pedal shaft hook and on the loop of the cable end, as they pull against each other every time the clutch pedal is pressed in and out. As you likely know, the old hook and loop design is known to break over time. This is a known safety issue that is fully resolved with this upgrade.

This upgrade is a permanent solution that eliminates the old hook-and-loop approach to clutch cable attachment, replacing it with a secure cable connection gliding on a brass sleeve over a durable chromoly pin.

This “Oval” Clutch Pedal Shaft Upgrade features a new 1018 steel clutch pedal shaft (with a sleek centerless-grind finish) providing strong clutch control. The result is surprisingly smooth and reliable clutch pedal action that will perform well for years while providing additional bragging rights.

This clutch pedal shaft upgrade works with a STOCK CLUTCH CABLE which can be purchased from Wolfsburg West (cable is not included with this kit). The far end of the clutch shaft rides on a new supplied support bracket.

Refer to your Bentley Repair Manual for removal and re-install procedures.

The clutch shaft kit includes:
1. NEW centerless ground clutch shaft with TIG welded crank arm
and chromoly shoulder bolt
2. NEW brass bushing, flat washer, and nylock nut
3. NEW clutch stop bracket (powder-coated)
4. NEW Wolfsburg West clutch shaft pedal pin
5. Tube of Super Lube grease


This kit fits all original German pedal clusters, ’52-’57. Left-hand drive only.

Precision-made to German specifications out of HIGH STRENGTH US STEEL.

“OVAL” Clutch Pedal Shaft Upgrade for VWs, ’52 – ’57
$78 + $12 shipping US
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(all major credit cards accepted, Paypal not required)

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