John Vulich is Thankful!


Attending VWcar shows, we met John Vulich and could see his enthusiastic love for his 1970 bug. John has owned this beauty for 23 years, and he has been driving it since he got his drivers license in 1994. Originally it was an auto stick car, but that was all changed when Bruce of Eyeball Engineering (now retired), who is looked up to by many VW owners, converted it to a 4 speed in 1999.

John’s good friend bought an extra Clutch Pedal Shaft Upgrade from Classic Bug Parts and gave it to him.  John then figured that he should do the gas pedal upgrade at the same time, also from Classic Bug Parts, so an order for the X-Celerator Speed Wheel Kit 2 was made, which he received quickly. He tore into it on his next Saturday off with excitement. When John started working on the pedal cluster in his bug, he found the old pedal and arm twisted. Wow, he wasn’t getting full throttle! A few hours later, it was back together for a test drive, and he noticed a huge difference in how much smoother the new throttle and clutch pedals operate. John is now a firm believer in recommending these upgrades to any and all of his air-cooled friends. John is thankful for the great products at Classic Bug Parts!

John Vulich,
a thankful Classic Bug Parts Customer

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