The “Good Vibrations Bug”


The man behind the amazing artwork of the world-famous “Good Vibrations Bug”, created by the visionary minds at The Rusty VW, painstakingly custom painted by “Stovepipe” Finn Pete.

Yes, the winner goes to a Hawaii Boy.  He takes this great creation away to his new home in beautiful Hawaii.  To make the prize even sweeter, Classic Bug Parts donated the smoothest, quickest accelerator in the world, the “X-Celerator Speed Wheel”, to their artwork in motion, along with the “Big Boy Pedal Extender” clutch shaft, which widens the space between your pedals.

Not only is this beauty looking coool, but it’s going to give the driver a greater sense of enjoyment each time he steps on the pedals.  Stovepipe says this is “the greatest pedal assembly ever”, and uses it in his own bug.

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