X-Celerator Speed Wheel 2

X-Celerator Kit2 - Before_After

The X-CELERATOR “Speed Wheel” – Kit 2  (Patent Pending)
(fits ’67-’79)

$79 + $11 shipping and insurance US
$79 + $35 shipping International
(all major credit cards accepted, Paypal not required)

Featuring a vast improvement over the stock lever component, this pedal upgrade provides a new solution to the obsolete single lever design. The old single lever arm gets twisted, warped from the carburetor return spring and from the applied foot pressure at acceleration.  As the single lever twists out of alignment, it also bends the guide rail on the flat pedal.  Here is the modern permanent fix to solve this problem…

You will get smoother acceleration from the greater strength and rigidity that comes from the twin-lever design (Patent Pending).  This eliminates the stress of lever failure and replacement. Re-positioning of the twin-lever arm provides perfect alignment of the throttle cable into the throttle tube, eliminating stress on the cable and attaching s-hook for immediate response. You will no longer have to replace this lever or worry about failure during a critical moment of use.

The Speed Wheel Twin lever X-Celerator is laser cut, stamped, and welded together to form a strong, rigid, precision-made part that really works. A longer CNC-machined stainless steel pivot pin is part of the kit, providing a strong and smooth base for the twin-lever arm’s action.  The rear stop tab on the Speed Wheel’s twin-lever arm can also be adjusted for dual carburetors requiring more travel.

The Twin-Lever X-Celerator “Speed Wheel” LHD Kit #2 includes:
1. A new aluminum flat pedal made from 6061-T6, with a 6 mm shoulder bolt for easy install and removal.
2. Flat pedal to Speed Wheel return spring.
3. Assembled Speed Wheel Twin Lever X-Celerator with delrin roller.
4. Longer CNC-machined Stainless Steel pivot pin with e-clip.
5. New rubber pedal pad.

Here is a short informational video with an installation overview:

The X-CELERATOR “Speed Wheel” – Kit 2
(fits ’67-’79)

$79 + $11 shipping and insurance US
$79 + $35 shipping International
(all major credit cards accepted, Paypal not required)

OR…  Add a bit of bling to your VW’s pedal cluster by including the Signature Series Flat Pedal in your complete X-Celerator Kit…
(the rubber pedal pad is not needed or included with this upgrade)
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The Machined Flat Pedal is $40 to purchase without a kit, HERE