Does it Sound Like David and Goliath?

We have been made aware of a knock-off accelerator part that is now on the market from a well known bug parts supplier. Having already received many comments informing us of this, with several of our loyal clients showing concern, we write the following to you in response to your kind interest.

After 13 years of recommending our “box design” with the double hinge as the solution to the inherent problem with the original VW bug accelerator lever design, the big company has just validated our innovation!

How similar does the competitor’s new product look to you?

The original Classic Bug Parts design (first presented under our original identity “Unique Parts”) has been produced and sold since 2010 and was featured in Hot VWs magazine 3 times (Feb 2012, Nov 2012 and Aug 2013 issues).

The original videos of the double-hinge design were posted by us on Youtube dating back to 2013 and one of them has over 127,000 views. The title of that video is “VW Accelerator upgrade 67-79” and here’s the link:

2013 YouTube Demo of New Double-Hinged VW Accelerator Lever

After a closer inspection, a few details have emerged from the knock-off accelerators that are now available on the market:

At the bottom of their accelerator control lever, there are 2 hinge points that connect to the heart of your cluster. We have noticed that the competitor’s knock-off is utilizing a cheap undersized clevis pin for this key attachment point, resulting in a wobbly accelerator. INSTEAD, from the start, Classic Bug Parts designed a machined pin from 303 stainless steel for accelerator lever attachment. It is machined to German specifications, and fits snugly into your stock German pedal clusters. TO REAL MACHINISTS, CLOSE TOLERANCES ARE EVERYTHING!

Also, the makers of the same wobbly knock-off accelerators are requiring that purchasers drill out the hinge knuckles where the base of the flat pedal attaches to the front of your cluster. Drilling out these openings accurately will be a challenge for many! This is not a DIY job for many bug owners and requires precision drilling to make sure both hinge points line up perfectly.

The reason this competitor has buyers drilling out these openings is so their oversized shoulder bolt will fit. It seems their accelerator’s flat pedal hinge was designed with a hole that is too big, so to compensate they then provide an oversized shoulder bolt which requires you to drill out your perfectly good German cluster! And their accelerator pedal STILL wobbles! INSTEAD, for over 12 years, our clients have NEVER had to drill out their cluster’s pedal hinge knuckles. The chromoly shoulder bolt we provide is exactly the same size as the original German attachment pin and fits your cluster as originally intended.

There are many other observations we could share about this newly available knock-off, but a side-by-side glance at the new product next to the original Classic Bug Parts X-Celerator will speak volumes to you (see the pictures.)

Bottom line, know what to look out for when deciding which pedal upgrades you want in your bug! Classic Bug Parts are all made in the U.S.A from U.S. steel. Our welders are top-notch, U.S. certified, and working for the airline industry, because the safety of your family and friends comes first.

When you show off your bug and someone looks at your pedal cluster, you might be saying “I’m going ALL CHINESE!” Or you could choose to say “I’m going with German and American parts.” It will be your choice. JUST REMEMBER The taste of high quality lingers far longer than the sweetness of a discounted price.

To our loyal clients we say: Thank you so much for your genuine concern over this new development. Please tell your friends what you know is the right way to upgrade a bug.

– The Team at Classic Bug Parts

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