Zeller’s ’68 Meyers Manx and 2 Things!


In 2014 I commissioned the full restoration of our 1968 Meyers Manx dune buggy. I had always fought with the stock accelerator pedal setup, in that it would never work smoothly or give me full throttle travel, and would occasionally bind up. During the restoration I happened on an ad for the X-Celerator Speed Wheel upgrade kit from Classic Bug Parts and thought their design might solve my problems with the stock setup.  After I installed the pedal upgrade I was completely blown away by how well it worked, and it truly fixed all of my issues.

As a completely satisfied customer, I have purchased two more X-Celerator Speed Wheel upgrade kits and have installed them in my 1973 and 1974 VW Things. This pedal kit is one of the best upgrades I’ve ever purchased.  – Bud Zeller