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No more problems with his clutch and accelerator cable connections...

I had been having problems with the throttle pedal in my 1972 CLASS11x Bug since I built it over the last 6 years! The clip on the little wheel kept falling off, and then… NO throttle… SO… when I saw your X-CELERATER SPEED WHEEL 2… I knew this was the solution to my problem!!

Well… I figured that as long as the pedal cluster had to be R&R’ed anyway… I will just install the CLUTCH PEDAL SHAFT UPGRADE, as I was tired of trying to hold cable in the “hook” with everything from “bag-ties” to “zip-ties”!  ALL went together well, and have performed flawlessly since the install.  When I have the time ( to stop driving ) I plan on doing the exact same procedure on my “OldManx” as well.  Your products design & quality get an A+ rating from this 45+ year (retired now) wrench & VW lover.