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Completely Rebuilt & Upgraded GERMAN Pedal Cluster

(fits ’58-’79 VW cars LHD, including: ’58-’66 Standard Beetles, ’67-’79 ALL Beetles, and ALL Things, Ghias, and Type 3)
$370 + shipping

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X-Celerator Kit1 - Before_After - smallThe X-Celerator “Speed Wheel” – Kit 1

(fits German pedal assemblies LHD, ’58-’66 VWs, also all Type III)
$89 + shipping

X-Celerator Kit2 - Before_AfterThe X-Celerator “Speed Wheel” – Kit 2

(fits German pedal assemblies LHD, ’67-’79 VWs)
$79 + shipping


Clutch Pedal Shaft Upgrade

(STANDARD Length Shaft Kit for ’58-’79 VWs)
$44 + shipping

BigBoy Clutch Pedal Extender KitClutch Pedal Shaft – Big Boy

(EXTENDED Length Shaft Kit for ’58-’79 VWs)
$63 + shipping

oval_clutch_pedal_shaft_kit_quickorder_square“OVAL” Clutch Pedal Shaft Upgrade 

(STANDARD Length Shaft Kit for ’52-’57 VW cars)
$95 + shipping