Complete German Cluster Rebuild “EX Series” with Upgrades


German Pedal Assembly “EX” Rebuild with Upgrades
for ’67-’79* VW cars, including: Beetles, and ALL Things, Ghias, and Type 3s.
A completely rebuilt German pedal assembly with many enhancements, including:  a new extended 303 stainless steel brake sleeve, new upgraded accelerator assembly and new upgraded clutch pedal shaft by Classic Bug Parts, new Zerk fitting, new brake return spring, all new bushings, refurbished original German steel pedal arms, and MORE SPACE between pedals.   It is [almost] ready to install.
$550 + $45 CORE CHG (refunded upon receipt) +$25 shpg. and insurance US
$550 + $45 CORE CHG (refunded upon receipt) +$69 shipping International
(all major credit cards accepted, Paypal not required)

<<< Fully Rebuilt and Upgraded ’67-’79 German
“EX” Pedal Assemblies are in stock!  >>>

We took our Complete Upgraded German Pedal Assembly and EXtended BOTH the brake and clutch pedal spacings,  creating 1/2″  more space between your accelerator and brake pedal, and 3/4″ more space between brake and clutch pedal.  If you want to replace your bug’s pedal cluster components, but don’t want to mess with bushing replacements, parts cleaning, or any other bench work, this German Pedal Assembly “EX” Rebuild with Upgrades is ready to bolt in.  Just attach your new (included) X-Celerator Speed Wheel, and you’re ready to install the cluster in your car.

Consult your Bentley Book for instructions on removing and installing your pedal cluster.

This COMPLETE German Pedal Assembly “EX” upgrade includes all the following (and more shown above), and is almost fully assembled:  (enlarge the image above for greater clarity)

  1.   A fully rebuilt German pedal housing (bead blasted) with new zerk fitting tapped in for easy lubrication
  2.    X-Celerator Speed Wheel Upgrade by Classic Bug Parts
  3.   Clutch Shaft Upgrade by Classic Bug Parts –  Extended length “Big Boy”
  4.  Brake and Clutch Arms/Pedals (these are refurbished stock pedals, so imperfections on the surface are to be expected)
  5.  New extended brake pedal sleeve made from 303 stainless steel, pressed into the pedal housing
  6.  New brake and clutch arm extension spacers
  7. New bushings installed throughout

Please refer to the individual component pages for details on
X-Celerators and Clutch Shaft Upgrades.   You get a fully rebuilt German pedal cluster and we completely upgrade it for you before it arrives.  Simple.


Shown here are two original German pedal clusters, highlighting the transformation from the old to the rebuilt.   The stock housing is first sandblasted (some imperfections or pitting on the stock cast aluminum housings is to be expected and will not impede performance).  The housing is then painted and provisioned with a new 303 stainless steel extended brake pedal sleeve, new bushings, and a new tapped opening with Zerk fitting.  The accelerator and clutch shaft components are then upgraded using the X-Celerator Speed Wheel and Big Boy Clutch Shaft, both produced by Classic Bug Parts (see their respective pages for details).   The full assembly will arrive virtually ready to install in your bug.

Sure, there are cheaper ways to go…  You can use another stock cluster and have the same problems again, you can choose some unknown third-party upgrades with who-knows-what results, or get Classic Bug Parts for your pedal cluster, so you can rest easy and just enjoy the ride.  Not only will you resolve multiple reliability issues, but you will value the increased space for your feet–and the feel of the upgraded pedal action:  smooth, strong, and accurate.

If you want to eliminate all the known problems with Classic VW pedal clusters while adding performance and comfort, this is the solution.  Install it and enjoy stomping on your pedals every time!

<<<Fully Rebuilt and Upgraded ’67-’79 German
“EX” Pedal Assemblies are in stock! 

Add a bit of bling to your VW’s pedal cluster by choosing the Signature Pedal at no extra charge for your German Cluster “EX” Rebuild.   NOTE:  The standard pedal and rubber pad are not needed and DO NOT COME WITH this upgrade.

The Signature Pedal is laser-cut from solid 6061-T6 aluminum, MIG welded, then machined and tumble finished.  Non-skid buttons are added for extra grip.  See the Signature Pedal in the image below:

German Pedal Assembly “EX Series ” Rebuild with Upgrades
for ’67-’79 VW cars, including: ’67-’75 Standard Beetle, ’72-’79 Super Beetle, and ALL Things, Ghias, and Type 3s.
  A completely rebuilt German pedal cluster with EXTENSIVE UPGRADES, including new upgraded accelerator, new upgraded clutch pedal shaft, a new extended 303 stainless steel brake sleeve, all new bushings, new Zerk fitting, and more, [almost] ready to install.

$550 + $45 CORE CHG (refunded upon receipt) +$25 shpg. and insurance US
$550 +  $45 CORE CHG (refunded upon receipt) + $69 shipping International
(all major credit cards accepted, Paypal not required)

NOTE:  Please send us your old pedal assemblies, complete with pedal arms, and we will promptly refund you the core charge.  If parts (like clutch pedal arms) are broken, we may adjust the core refund amount.

Complete German Cluster Rebuild w/ Upgrades (w/ $45 core chg.)