Brake Pedal Shaft Kits


New Brake Pedal Shaft IN A REBUILT PEDAL SUPPORT (for ’58-’79)

$30 core charge can be refunded upon receipt of
your old Pedal Support (up to 60 days from purchase).
$110 + $30 refundable core = $140 + $11 shipping/insurance US
$110 + $30 refundable core = $140 + $35 shipping international

Your BUG’s YEAR (or your cluster’s YEAR):

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If you do not have a workshop press, or you just want us to do the work for you,  choose this new Brake Pedal Shaft (with pre-installed bushings) already installed in a Rebuilt Pedal Support.  The Rebuilt Pedal Support housing has been stripped, sandblasted, and given a rust-resistant coating.  It is also drilled, tapped, and given a new Zerk fitting for lubrication of the brake and clutch bushings.

This complete rebuild includes the Brake Pedal Shaft, snap clip, and all the bushings from the base kit (see “New Brake Pedal Shaft Kit” below for details).

With the addition of a ClassicBugParts Clutch Shaft and X-Celerator, your VW’s pedal cluster will be completely back to factory specs — “and beyond.”

OPTIONALLY…  (with a bit more work involved)

New Brake Pedal Shaft Kit
brake_pedal_shaft_new _wtext_webNew Brake Pedal Shaft Kit

( for ’58-’79 VW cars)
$65 + $11 shipping and insurance US
$65 + $35 shipping International

(all major credit cards accepted, Paypal not required)

This is a NEW Brake Pedal Shaft, precision machined from 303 stainless steel, and it is a press fit into the pedal housing of ’58 to ’79 VW cars, to bring your VW’s Pedal Support assembly back to factory specifications. The Brake Pedal Shaft ships as a kit, with 2 new pre-installed inner bushings that the clutch pedal shaft rides on, along with 2 new outer bushings to press into your brake arm.  A spacer is also included with the kit for proper placement of the Brake Pedal Shaft within the Pedal Support (see image of complete kit near order area at bottom).

Note:   Installation of the new shaft requires a workshop press and a toaster oven heated to 450F.  If you do not want to do this yourself, you can purchase the Brake Pedal Shaft  already pressed into a rebuilt Pedal Support, as featured above.

Here is an image of a typical worn Brake Pedal Shaft.  Note the rust, galling, and pitting after decades of use.  New bushings can be difficult to replace without refurbishing or replacing the steel tube.  You can attempt to strip and sand (using 800 grit) your existing Brake Pedal Shaft and then press in new bushings, or simply replace with this kit.  Refer to the video below for an overview of the installation.


If you are removing your pedal assembly to replace the Clutch Pedal Shaft or Accelerator Pedal Assembly (or both), this is the perfect time to also replace the Brake Pedal Shaft…

Here is a video showing the key steps in replacing your Classic VW’s Brake Pedal Shaft:

This image shows all the parts your Brake Pedal Shaft Kit will include:


Brake Pedal Shaft Kit (complete w/ pre-installed bushings)
( for ’58-’79)

$65 + $11 shipping and insurance US
$65 + $35 shipping International
(all major credit cards accepted, Paypal not required)