The 50,000 Mile Test!


from Joseph Wheeler in North Carolina:

In preparing my buggy for the Norra 1000 race in April 2018, I am going over every nut, bolt, and part looking for something worn or weak. I have put 50,000 miles on the buggy since building it and have found a LOT of worn parts that will be replaced.

One part I was anxious to see was the Classic Bug Parts “Big Boy Clutch Pedal Shaft” set up, with the revised clutch cable attachment…

ClassicBugParts  are awesome!  No wear to the clutch cable and only two very small indents on the brass bushing that provides the “bearing” surface. This will get cleaned, greased and put back into service for the race.

As a side note, I run a Kennedy Stage I pressure Plate, so some extra force has been applied to the Classic Bug Parts equipment over the 50,000 miles.

Classic Bug Parts has the PUZZLE MANX stamp of approval.

Joseph Wheeler

New Doors Open

jaime_floresWe bumped into Jaime Flores at the “Meet in the Middle” VW event, where he was sporting his new VW “Thing.”  Jamie has ClassicBugParts products in all his VW’s and is planning to install another Clutch Shaft Upgrade in his new ride.  Another happy VW enthusiast who loves a smooth drive while making every mile count. Big thanks to Jamie!

One of the Best Upgrades…

mark_trevino“My name is Mark Trevino and this is my 1964 factory sunroof bug. Last year I installed the ClassicBug Parts “Clutch Pedal Shaft Upgrade”. I know that I will never have to replace the cable, unless the butterfly wing nut in back snaps. I just know that it is one of the best upgrades I have installed in my ride. It has a smooth feel and I have recommended it to my friends.”

The Machining Was Perfect!

tim_donahoe“A few years ago I bought a hook-style after-market one from a local VW vendor here in town. This new hook-style one had the hole for the clutch pin in the wrong place; so when I got it all together, the clutch shaft was pinched and wouldn’t rotate. The vendor told me to file down the end of the pedal assembly, I said no thanks and called Ron from Classicbugparts and told him my story. Ron assured me that his clutch-pedal shaft would fit perfectly and he was correct. The machining of his shaft was absolutely perfect, so naturally it fit my pedal cluster exactly as it should have.

Installing the new clutch cable was also far easier, because the cable eye cannot come loose from the bearing (it’s held on by a self-locking nut) while working on the transmission end of the cable. The machining was perfect! Call me picky, but I like parts that fit without having to file, sand, whatever. Ron provided that!”
Tim Donahoe

The Perfect Setup and Very Smooth…

josh_clark“I purchased the X-Celerator Speed wheel kit from ClassicBugParts for my bug and absolutely love it. I have faced the problem with choosing high spring tension or bending the back of the stock style pedal. Constantly having to reach down and fix the old worn out pedal. Now, I can have both! Its the perfect setup and very smooth. Whether I am at the track, or just cruising town. This kit was money well spent!”
Josh Clark

The First Thing He Wanted to Upgrade…

joe_gutierrez_and_son“I just bought my second VW and the first thing I wanted to upgrade was the pedal assembly to make it work smooth, but to my surprise the previous owner had already put the X-Celerator Speed Wheel kit on it from Classic Bug Parts.  It’s by far the best bug product I’ve bought and owned.  Next stop is the Big Boy Pedal Extender (also by Classic Bug Parts).  Makes me feel safe knowing that I have a good quality product under my feet.
P.S. I’ll try not to get a speeding ticket this time.”
Joe Gutierrez

Drive Your Dreams



“Installing the new Clutch Pedal Shaft upgrade from ClassicBugParts has given me confidence that I don’t have to worry if my clutch cable is wearing out every time I shift. It was an easy installation and well worth the purchase!”
Gabriel Perez