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Classics Only Get Better

Happy with the quality and craftsmanship of this product that gets used so much. The Pistol Wheel is a big upgrade from what I had before.
– Thomas Husselstein, ’61 Convertible
(featured in Hot VW’s magazine of December 2013)


John’s Good Vibrations Bug

Thank you, John, for such a wonderful testimonial, and thanks for sending the clip to us last week.  This bug is so famous now!  Art on the road.  Can’t wait to see what Stovepipe is up to next…..
– Ron & Jane

“This was GVB’s first adventure over the Koolaus.  I don’t want to turn this into a promotional page, but I have to thank everyone that made this happen.  Stovepipe, the, for the totally bitching X-Celerator Speed Wheel and Big Boy Pedal Extender (I don’t know how anyone can live without them), my dear friend Greg Frey who should have won, and my lovely wife that wanted me to buy more tickets.

Aloha everyone, hope you enjoy the ride as much as I do!


Xavier’s H20 Negative “Patina”

xavier_hernandezThis 1960 Patina VW bug belongs to its new owner Xavier Hernandez.  It was a gift from his father Julio Cesar Hernandez. When we first came across the bug, we were taken by its charm. This VW has been designed by the elements, truly both a diamond in the rough and a work of art.

Our conversation about the bug led us to find out that Xavier’s father was the previous owner, and many years ago he installed the X-Celerator Speed Wheel from ClassicBugParts. We were happy to find out how much he loves the products and that he has installed many more in his VWs. Now his son is thrilled to have a smooth ride in his very cool classic bug. We are honored to be part of this family’s love for VWs.


Thanks for the kind words, Steve!

One of our received calls today, a call truly enjoyed, was from a recent client named Steve from California’s San Fernando Valley.  He later sent us a friendly email and added:

“I want to say thank you to for an amazing improvement on the clutch shaft. I have never felt peace of mind driving my 1959 VW bug.  I’m so pleased with their products that I’m replacing my whole clutch [and accelerator assembly] with their gas pedal assembly called “X-Celerator Speed Wheel” which has a spring on the gas pedal.  I’m also moving up from their standard pedal upgrade to the new and improved Roller Pedal called the “Pistol Wheel”.   Das Infamous VWCC members are excited about their products and now every member wants one and thinks it’s a reliable, dependable assembly.  Once again, thank you!”

Esteban Villareal
AKA Steve
Das Infamous VWCCsteven_approved2


Clutch Tests in the Killer Avocado

“I have been using a Classic Bug Parts clutch arm for many years in my Unlimited Street West car. I have had many aggressive clutches and the Classic Bug Parts clutch arm has withstood the abuse flawlessly.

It provides smooth engagement and makes installation of the clutch cable a breeze. We use these arms in many of our customers’ cars as well.  Highly recommended.”  – Andy Fabbro

The Classic Bug Parts Team says Thank you, Andy!  Your time and comments are truly appreciated.


10 Year Anniversary in the VW Business

congrats to Jason Wright - 10 yr anniversary drawingI want to thank all of you in our VW family for your support of our business.  We thoroughly enjoy being a part of this global tribe of VW enthusiasts. For 10 years now, Classic Bug Parts has been working hard, creating products to solve some of our age‐old bug issues.  And it all started with a few friends asking me to build for them the same upgrades I had designed for my own bug…

We have had the pleasure to meet and talk with many of you at the Classic VW events around the country.  We love hearing the stories behind owners and their cars.  Stories about how your Classic VWs were acquired, about the breakdowns, long hours of restoration efforts, and the deep satisfaction of a completed project.  After listening carefully (and experiencing similar bug challenges), we have endeavored to design and produce VW parts here in the U.S., and only from superbly crafted components.  It is a great pleasure to hear how our products have made your cars perform better, and your feedback has provided me and my team a real sense of accomplishment.  We thank you for your wonderful testimonials about Classic Bug Parts products.

Last year, the Pistol Wheel accelerator upgrade was re‐released, after being originally designed and distributed 7 years ago. It is built on the proven X‐Celerator platform that many of you already enjoy.  Our VW friends had asked for it to return, and it has become a big hit for many enthusiasts.  Thank you!

Many have also been asking for the Oval Clutch Pedal Shaft upgrade to be brought back as well.   We originally designed and released it in 2010, but we were still small back then and it takes time for word to spread…  Times have changed, social media has been a big help, and the need is still here, so we have listened again to our fellow VW fans’ needs. We are glad to announce the Oval Clutch Pedal Shaft upgrade is back in production, and this valuable kit for ’53 to ’57 VWs will be shipping again within just a few weeks, in April, 2017.   Note that the Pistol Wheel accelerator upgrade (for Ovals as well as ’58 to ’66) is already shipping, but Oval owners may want to order and install both the accelerator and clutch pedal assemblies at the same time.

In 2013 we designed the Smart Brake, but didn’t market it extensively at that time. We have received call after call to bring it back as well.  This is in the works, with production planned for this year.   Meanwhile, our team is currently working on yet another product many of you have asked us to bring back…  Yes, the Bus V‐Hub accelerator, which was originally designed and sold in 2014.  It had sold very well, but we removed it from production because of high component costs.  We are now working on lowering the cost for you (while maintaining the excellent build quality).

Recently we took a big step and changed our name from Unique‐ to, which now ties us much more closely to our specific audience—including you.  There is certainly a great deal to look back on since we started, and we are grateful for your friendship and support over these years…   Please stay tuned for upcoming product release dates, and do feel free to call us.

Thank you again,

Ron Motrenec
Owner of

Big Boots and Mud

My VW is a 1970 Baja Bug and it isn’t very pretty, but I like to trail with it in the desert, so it doesn’t have to be a beauty queen. Problem was, whenever I go trailing I use my cowboy boots, and these size 13 boots easily used to get stuck between the clutch and the brake pedal. Not anymore thanks to ClassicBugParts and  their “Big Boy Pedal Extender”.  It gives me the added room I need.
– Alejandro Robles


Zeller’s ’68 Meyers Manx and 2 Things!


In 2014 I commissioned the full restoration of our 1968 Meyers Manx dune buggy. I had always fought with the stock accelerator pedal setup, in that it would never work smoothly or give me full throttle travel, and would occasionally bind up. During the restoration I happened on an ad for the X-Celerator Speed Wheel upgrade kit from Classic Bug Parts and thought their design might solve my problems with the stock setup.  After I installed the pedal upgrade I was completely blown away by how well it worked, and it truly fixed all of my issues.

As a completely satisfied customer, I have purchased two more X-Celerator Speed Wheel upgrade kits and have installed them in my 1973 and 1974 VW Things. This pedal kit is one of the best upgrades I’ve ever purchased.  – Bud Zeller



Joseph Wheeler Approved


I have used the Big Boy Pedal Extender on several of my buggy builds, and with great success. My personal buggy was finished in June 2014 and has the Big Boy Pedal Extender with the double-supported roller on it, and it currently has over 43,000 miles on it, covering the North American Continent 3 times from the Atlantic to the Pacific, including Alaska. Very good quality items and workmanship.
– Joseph Wheeler