Xavier’s H20 Negative “Patina”

xavier_hernandezThis 1960 Patina VW bug belongs to its new owner Xavier Hernandez.  It was a gift from his father Julio Cesar Hernandez. When we first came across the bug, we were taken by its charm. This VW has been designed by the elements, truly both a diamond in the rough and a work of art.

Our conversation about the bug led us to find out that Xavier’s father was the previous owner, and many years ago he installed the X-Celerator Speed Wheel from ClassicBugParts. We were happy to find out how much he loves the products and that he has installed many more in his VWs. Now his son is thrilled to have a smooth ride in his very cool classic bug. We are honored to be part of this family’s love for VWs.

– ClassicBugParts.com