Old Roller Ball vs. Pistol Wheel from Classic Bug Parts

Many people ask us “What’s the difference between the Roller ball and the Pistol Wheel from ClassicBugParts?

The issue with the Roller ball is that it uses a single accelerator arm, which allows the arm to wobble from side to side, creating friction. This can put strain on the accelerator cable, which is prone to break at that point. On the Pistol Wheel, we use a double-reinforced arm. It operates like a door hinge that eliminates the wobble, plus we have tailored the arm into the tunnel for proper alignment of the throttle cable to the accelerator arm. This further reduces the strain on the cable.

The Pistol wheel rides on a precision-machined stainless steel pin for far less friction in movement. The wheel has been reduced in size for better clearance to the bulkhead and for better carburation. Yes, it has been redesigned for a more comfortable ride and to add a measure of safety to the vehicle.

Please visit the Pistol Wheel page for more details on upgrades for your VWs.

“Keep on buggin.”

The ClassicBugParts Team

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